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Konferensi 4 Tahunan GKII sedunia

Berita dari Persekutuan Gereja Kemah Injil Sedunia: bahwa Konferensi empat tahunan akan berlangsung di Ekuador tgl 20-25 Oktober 2020. Kami mengajak semua aras dan kaum awam Kemah Injil untuk mengikuti acara akbar ini. Mari kita doakan mulai sekarang.

Berita dari AWF:
The next AWF Quadrennial Convocation (October 20–25, 2020) will be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with the theme “Going Deeper and Going Beyond.” Starting with the AWF Regional Conferences, our aim will be to strengthen the Alliance identity and mission. This theme will be covered in three morning sessions and three evening sessions as follows:

Deeper Life in the Post-Modern Times
Deeper Life and Missional Mind
Deeper Life and Missionary Heart
Going Beyond – Marketplace Missions: Professionals at His Service
Going Beyond – People on the Move and Diaspora Missions
Going Beyond – Alliance Missiology in the 21st Century

Another emphasis of the next AWF Quadrennial Convocation will be to build and strengthen ministry networks across the worldwide Alliance. One example is the AWF Global Network of Mission Leaders that was formed in 2017 to share resources and strategies, develop partnerships, and build a road map to reach common goals for the Alliance missions. We are working on other similar networks such as Young Kingdom Professionals, Compassion and Missions, Women on Mission, and Businessmen for Frontier Missions.

If you are passionate about Jesus Christ and eager to use your talents, skills and spiritual gifts to make Christ known in a very creative way to all nations of the world, then this convocation is for you.